A Champion Leader

Quniana has a powerful story. This proven Children’s Champion’s motto is; Change the Family, Change the World™

Quniana Speaks

Beloved by organizations, churches, campuses and audiences everywhere, she ignites stages from the US to Uganda with her signature talk, Unleash the Champion®. Known for sharing her story in a no-holds-barred way, she captivates and unleashes attendees to find the freedom from fear that catapults them to their next level.

Quniana Writes

Quniana is masterful at storytelling. With her projects, Quniana is giving the world a new lens through which to see everyday black women—raw, relatable and refreshingly honest in ways that give us permission to be the same.

Quniana Coaches

A Certified Trauma Professional, Quniana also brings her expertise and lived experiences to her individual and group coaching. Through her proven Trauma Ain’t Normal® program, she builds champions from the inside out by guiding participants through a deeply personal healing process that takes them from wounded to winning.

Let’s Get Ready HEAL so you can TKO Life and Business! 

After working with Q, and putting in my work, this is the happiest I have ever been in my life!

-Author Shemeka “Meme” Green | Season Two Why My Mom Author

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