Unleash the Champion®

Healing Trauma, Transforming Lives

Author Q’s Mission is to provide transformational coaching to influencers, families, organizations, churches, and campuses so they can go from Wounded to Winning in a safe, trusted, and credible space!

Quniana Speaks

Beloved by organizations, churches, campuses and audiences everywhere, she ignites stages from the US to Uganda with her signature talk, Unleash the Champion®. Known for sharing her story in a no-holds-barred way, she captivates and unleashes attendees to find the freedom from fear that catapults them to their next level.

Quniana Writes

Quniana is masterful at storytelling. With her projects, Quniana is giving the world a new lens through which to see everyday black women—raw, relatable and refreshingly honest in ways that give us permission to be the same.

Quniana Coaches

A Certified Trauma Professional, Quniana also brings her expertise and lived experiences to her individual and group coaching. Through her proven Trauma Ain’t Normal® program, she builds champions from the inside out by guiding participants through a deeply personal healing process that takes them from wounded to winning.

Champion your trauma to manifest the life you deserve!

Allow our proven processes and credible experts to help you transform your story. Your trauma doesn’t stand a chance of interrupting your success anymore with our team by your side. 60% of adults report experiencing difficult family circumstances during childhood. Believe it or not, unresolved trauma impacts EVERY area of your life. From your business to your parenting! Transformational coaching is a blend of revolutionary methods that push you to unlearn survival mode and step into identifying your triggers, loving with boundaries, and forgiving without an apology!

I want you to declare with me that, Trauma Ain’t Normal®! What went on in your house, can’t stay in your house anymore! I am committed to seeing influencers, families, organizations, churches, and campuses go from Wounded to Winning, so you can Identify where your trauma has kept you bound, create a plan of action to heal, unlearn generational patterns of trauma and live FREE!

Why transformation coaching?

– Transform and enjoy the personal freedom you deserve without the weight of trauma.

– Love yourself unconditionally while learning to love others with boundaries.

– Examine areas where unlearning needs to take place so you can come out of survival mode.

– Identify areas of unforgiveness and learn HOW to forgive without an apology!

– Learn how to parent your children without exhaustion based on an unrealistic mark you’ve set for yourself based on your trauma.

– Examine those areas where you accumulate Trauma and keep score.

– Believe again after your Faith was shattered because of trauma.

– Recognize and protect your energy to keep your vibrations high.

– Develop a family goal to identify your generation’s unhealthy habits.

– Recognize triggers that cause you to self-sabotage.

– Establish a healthy mindset about money so that you can manifest more!

– Reclaim your voice and power after trauma!

Digital Courses to help you champion your healing

What Lies Beneath: Overcoming Self-Sabotage – 3Day Course

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Champion Mindset

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